We Recognize This Is a Difficult Time for Many People. Become a Partner

Loan modification method is the best way that bank and professional loan modification specialist use to save your home from foreclosure. There calculation will determine how much you can afford to pay after you miss so many mortgages payment.

  1. After you contact us by phone or online. Our specialist will ask you a quick question about your property and your financial situation.
  2. Mstar capital group will visit your home and look at your mortgage payment history then we will evaluate price of your home. and how much will it take to fix your home before it up to sellable condition
  3. We will advice on which direction you should take either do loan modification or sell your home that will fit with your financial situation
  4. Now its your choice on which direction you will take either selling your home or do loan modification
  5. If you decide to do loan modification then we will help you with the process and work with your bank to lower your payment or find another bank for you to refinance.
  6. If you decide to sell your home then we will buy it from you or take over your loans from you if you decide to abandon your home.