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We can help work out a program that will bring your loan down to a Teaser rate and make a small payment for 3 years and increase the interest rate later once your financial situation is better. If you are facing bad credit or any problems, we can find you another financial institution of more than 50 companies to help refinance your property at a better rate and low payment.

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Advance payment

If you miss several payments and cannot catch up, we can give you an advance payment, so you can pay for your miss payment and give you more time to refinance. This will help the bank to reconsider putting your loan into a current status.

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You have missed many payments and don’t have the full amount to pay to bring your loans back to their current active status, we have many programs that can stop your home from foreclosure and save your credit. We also have a temporary loan that can help you pay for missing payments and stop the foreclosure process. This will give you more time to find the right bank with better interest rates and lower payment.

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Bank owned

If your home is already auctioned out and goes back to the bank, we can help you get your home back under your name. We can work out a deal with the bank and let them reconsider reviving the loans. If your original bank did not agree to the new terms and conditions, then we can find another bank that will buy your property from your original bank, which we can rent and sell it back to you.

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